To: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Remove Doug Ford From Office

To: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario


Remove Doug Ford from Office

I am writing to share my concerns about Premier Doug Ford’s leadership. He has not fulfilled his duty to administer good governance over the Province’s affairs and has been intentionally destructive to the health and wealth of Ontarians. Therefore, it is imperative to remove him from the Premier’s Office as soon as possible.

Doug Ford’s policies have caused a record number of nurses to leave the profession. Despite this, he has deflected responsibility and continues to underfund and undermine our public healthcare system. He has also weakened environmental protections, slashed educational funding, and given tax breaks to corporations while doing favours for wealthy developers who just happened to be at his daughter’s Stag and Doe.

I urge you to take all available measures to remove Doug Ford from office, whether through the Lieutenant Governor’s Office or by compelling him to resign via internal Progressive Conservative Party mechanisms. This is the right thing to do for the people of Ontario.

This petition will send to:

– A random assortment of Conservative MPPs
– A bunch of people the Premier’s Office
– Everyone in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office
– All of their assistants
– All of their assistants’ assistants

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