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Doug Ford has launched an all-out attack on democracy and an assault on Toronto,
#ResistFord is here to tell him to stop it.

Many people are debating the pros and cons of Doug Ford’s idea to radically cut Toronto wards from 47 to 25, but they’re missing the point.
Ford’s decision was made on an impulse and forced on the people of Toronto in the middle of an election, and whether you Lean Left or Right, meddling in elections is never right – that’s why we started #ResistFord.

This is not only un-democratic and un-Canadian, but it puts hundreds of people in a really tough spot.
Grassroots candidates running for council for the first time will find their campaigns suddenly unwinnable.
They’ll have to scrap months of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars each.

We’re not talking about career politicians or establishment figures.
We’re talking about regular people who are active in their neighbourhoods and who just have a dream to serve their communities.

Ford’s plan isn’t really about saving money. It’s about rigging elections so average people can’t compete.

In truth, Doug’s plan will actually cost taxpayers more, and it has Stephen Harper’s fingerprints all over it.  It’s no secret that many of Harper’s closest advisors have top positions in Ford’s office. Ford’s scheme will rig Toronto elections in favour of career politicians and the very rich.  Ford wants to make it so regular people can no longer compete.

We’re sure Doug’s power-grab violates the law. #ResistFord is working to arrange legal representation for any candidate in Toronto wishing to seek justice from Doug Ford’s government.

No one should go bankrupt because of Doug Ford.

You can support the legal fund here and help directly with this effort.

He says he’s “for the little guy” but what will Doug do when 200 little guys take him to court?

We’re currently in talks with legal representatives and need your help funding the #ResistFord legal team so they can fight successful court battles for up to 200-300 candidates against Doug Ford’s corrupt government.

Doug already knows meddling in elections is wrong. He doesn’t care. Tell him to keep his hands off of the democratic process.

Who Are We and Why Are We Doing This?

We’re volunteers who have worked on grassroots campaigns in Toronto for people trying to become city councillors. We’ve seen how devastating Ford’s announcement has been to them, emotionally and financially. After putting up to a year of planning and work into their campaigns and taking on significant financial risk, they have no recourse. They have no justice. It’s not ok, and Doug Ford’s government must be held to account.

If Ford’s government backs off and reverses their decision, donations will be refunded.


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